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19 February 2015

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Happy Diwali ..6
9 November 2011

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a silly window .....
12 September 2011

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going up to......
6 September 2011

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waiting to perform....
4 September 2011

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Ticket booth
29 August 2011

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a nearby nightlit street ..
18 December 2010

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5 November 2010

Recent Comments

Naveen Bachwani on overdone
How nice! It may be more interesting in a square format if you skim from the top...

L'Angevine on overdone

Naveen Bachwani on one clouded morning ....
Great shot! Love the drama in the sky and the convergence of lines... Try increasing saturation and warming it up a bit ...

PRASHANT on Happy Diwali ..6
wish you Happy & prosperous New Year !!

Sam on Happy Diwali ..6
Beautiful. Nice capture. :)

Mandar on Happy Diwali ..6

Pravin Patade on Happy Diwali ..6
Nicce.. would love to see the same shot at night.

L'angevine on Happy Diwali ..6
je voudrais traduire le message vers cette lanterne

rupesh on evening light on the leaf
'' Extremely well '' written '' language of light......''

Pavan Kaul on Happy Diwali ..6
Absolutely stunning....great shot!

Michael Fresh on Happy Diwali ..6
A lovely angled shot capturing the street and the hanging lamps.

Skyriani on Happy Diwali ..6
And very special since I have walked that street!

Mariana M. on Happy Diwali ..6
great street capture.

hugo poon on Happy Diwali ..6
Beautiful lanterns and lovely colours! Like a painting!:-) Great angle and framing!

Tede on Happy Diwali ..6
A beautiful festival decorations are splendid. Good day.

jay on NARKASUR-3
Lovely Series

PRASHANT on Happy Diwali ..6
Adding street at background is good choice....

Michael Fresh on NARKASUR-3
Each day it's getting scarier :0

Calusarus on NARKASUR-3
His red eyes are impressive

Mandar on NARKASUR-3
Get Set Burn....Gr8 Moment...

Tede on NARKASUR-3
Impressive that monster :)) Splendid creation. Good day.

Wow. A great shot of the Narkasur. Wonderful series and interesting information. :)

Great information...

Interesting series....

Michael Fresh on NARKASUR 2
It's enough to give a person nightmares :0

Calusarus on NARKASUR 2
A very nice capture

Sam on NARKASUR -1
What a great capture ... :)

Great capture. :)

Mandar on NARKASUR 2
Missed all n regained through u r photos.... thanks...

Mariana M. on NARKASUR 2
ha ha ... what a capture ;)

Curly on NARKASUR 2
Cannot wait to see the fireworks, this sounds like a great event.

Michael Fresh on NARKASUR -1
Terrifying image.... but we also have a demon

Nitin on NARKASUR -1
Awesome shot - such an interesting mock-up. He has 10 packs in the abs but 6 sub-packs. Also in the days of mobile ...

Calusarus on NARKASUR -1
Not the most beautiful meeting

Mandar on NARKASUR -1
SIX PACKS...... :)

Mandar on NARKASUR -1
NARAKASUR.............I missed them in this Diwali.......but Seen through your photos.... Gr8 Shot with Gr8 ...

Great creation...never seen such a thing at Mumbai.

Tede on Happy Diwali ..5
Superb all these colors, magnificent image. Good day.

Ana Lúcia on Happy Diwali ..5
Sounds like a picturesque place.

Michael Fresh on Happy Diwali ..4--EARTHEN LAMPS 4 SALE
Every seller has the same lamps for sale, yet the biggest display has no buyers..... maybe it's the way they ...

Tede on Happy Diwali ..4--EARTHEN LAMPS 4 SALE
Really fantastic, splendid market scene. Good day.

Curly on Happy Diwali ..4--EARTHEN LAMPS 4 SALE
Such a lively scene now, all those little lamps are starting to look like discarded shells from nuts :-)

Mariana M. on Happy Diwali ..4--EARTHEN LAMPS 4 SALE
Great busy scene . Love these candid shots !

Ana Lúcia on Happy Diwali ..4--EARTHEN LAMPS 4 SALE
Nice take! Nice colors. Simple. Effective.

Perfect Diwali mood.....

Michael Fresh on Happy Diwali ..3
The colourful 'Happy Diwali' lamps help to brighten the street corner, and can be seen from afar.

Mandar on Happy Diwali ..3

hugo poon on Happy Diwali ..3
Seems like quite a "colourful" festival!:-) Thanks for sharing these enjoyable scenes!

Sam on Happy Diwali ..3
beautiful colours. Nice street shot. :)

Mariana M. on Happy Diwali ..3
nice street shot :)

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